The Holiday Party Dilemma – Friends & Family Gatherings

Family parties and gatherings are also par for the course during the holidays. There are some that are just good old t-shirt and jeans affairs and others that require a little more thought. Spike the eggnog, check Pinterest for ideas for a dish to share and check out these ideas fete fashions of varying formalities.

The Neighborhood Party: Each year our dear family friends throw a Festivus  (for the rest of us) party. It’s hilarious! The young and young at heart come together to eat and drink, catch up and play flip cup. Here are a couple ideas for whatever version of Festivus you have in your life.

What to wear to holiday parties

Look 1 – jeans: Old Navy {$25} | sweater: {$175} |  boots: shopruche {$77} | earrings:

Look 2 – jeans:   eluxe {$70} | top: Boutique1 {$70} | sweater: All Saints {$175} bracelets: Yoox {$160} and Dorthy Perkins {$27} | shoes: Nasty Gal {$198}

The Family Gathering:Christmas is a time, a special time of the year with peace and joy and happiness. For opening your presents underneath the tree, for spending countless hours with your family…That’s why i’m drinking,drinking,drinkin. I’m gonna drink all day. I’m going home for Christmas and my family’s insane. Just gotta make it through the day and there’s no other way. I’m gonna get drunk drunk drunk…on Christmas.” – Jimmy Fallon “Drunk on Christmas.” For that all that drinkin’ might I suggest something like this.

What to wear to holiday parties

dress: Karen Millen {$143} | leggings: American Eagle {$30} |booties: All Saints {$275} | bracelet: {$42} | ring: Piperlime {$58} | headband: Etsy {$17}

Dinner on Christmas Eve: When it comes to the Hargrove kids, you can dress us up, but if you take us out,well, there’s no guarantee on what will happen next. For example, last year in the middle of Christmas Eve service, my brother leans over and asks if the Caesar in the Christmas Story (Agustus), was the same Caesar who “got offed by Brutus.” This started quite the discussion via notes scribbled on the program and my mother glaring/trying not to laugh at her 3 “adult” children as Pete looked for an answer in the Bible as if it was an encyclopedia. We might be heathens, but we were pretty stylish heathens if you ask me. Here are a few more “formal” options.

What to wear to holiday parties

Look 1 – dress: Target {$34} | boots: All Saints {$295} | headband: {$24}

Look 2 – top: Oaisis {$61} | pants: Oasis {$77} | shoes: Jildor Shoes {$88} | earrings: Vince Camuto {$58} | bracelet: Antik Batik {$90}

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