Treasure found in Columbia Heights

And by “treasure,” I mean clothing boutiques Black Eyed Susie and It’s Vintage Darling. I know I’m a bit late to the party. Both shops have been around a while, January 2011 and approximately a year respectively, but better late than never right?? If it were not for my self-imposed shopping moratorium (I will buy for others not for myself until after the holidays), I would have been in some serious trouble! Both stores carry men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, jewelry and other various accessories and both have some great holiday gift options!

First up, Black Eyed Susie. The store, located at 3434 14th Street, offers gently used men and women’s contemporary and vintage clothing. I chatted with Susie, the incredibly sweet proprietor of BES, as I browsed and gushed over piece after piece – especially the skirts. After college, she spent a year testing the murky water of corporate life, but it only confirmed what she already knew – she was not meant to spend her life behind a desk. Now she has her own store and gets to fill it with pieces she would love to wear herself.

"Capital Style""Capital Style""Vintage"

In addition to consignment clothing, Black Eyed Susie sells pieces by local designers like these “Relax DC” bags and laptop covers from designer Rebecca Quintard."Capital Style"

Or these not-so-conventional framed needle points. Susie said a friend made one for her as a decoration for the shop, but when people kept trying to buy it. Now you can. "Emily Kate Hargrove"

On my way out of the store, Susie suggested I check out It’s Vintage Darling just down the street. We all know how I feel about local boutiques, so down the street I went.

It’s Vintage Darling is located at 3423 14th Street N.W. and quickly jumped to the top of my favorite vintage stores in D.C. list. Talk about a selection. New items come into the meticulously curated store  everyday! I instantly gravitated to the “70′s glam pieces.” This store has moves like [Bianca] Jagger!

The shop has some items available exclusively on line here. I was able to drag myself away from the sequins…and leather…and bags (oh the bags) long enough to take a few pictures. Check it out.

"Emily Kate Hargrove""Emily Kate Hargrove""Emily Kate Hargrove""Emily Kate Hargrove""Emily Kate Hargrove"Elise Peterson steps back to survey her work as she puts out new pieces for the holiday shopping rush.

Next time you’re up in Columbia Heights, make sure to stop by. Hell, these shops deserve a special trip. Go. Now!

  1. well, crap. now i’m going to have to check these places out. i’m trying to have a self-imposed shopping moratorium too, but i have a feeling my lack of self control is going to get in the way.

  2. Oww I’m always on the look out for new vintage/consignment shops…Thanks for the tip! By the way if you’re in Old town you should check out Diva boutique in Alexandria, VA tons of fun goodies :)

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